Green Machine Simulcast

The Schuylkill Center and Inliquid

The opening reception for Green Machine at The Schuylkill Center took place at appoximately 7:45 in the evening on Sunday, here in the USA, and at 8:45 on Monday morning in Japan. Percussionists Toshi Makihara and Chikara Miura were ready to create music from opposite sides of our planet using mostly sticks and stones, and other natural found objects as instruments. The idea for the simulcast was conceived by artist, Keiko Miyamori.

We were responsible for the live internet audio/video connection that we also projected and amplified for the live audience. Using two videocams, we also taped the USA event and edited together the tape from Japan so that it could be shared via the web. The final video is shown below in two parts.